How to Enter 2019

Bear Artistry Awards 2019

All entries must be submitted on-line. You will be required to complete your details and submit photographs of your completed work. The fee for each entry is £22.50 which is to be paid via Paypal at the time of submission of your entry. Entries can be submitted from the 1st of June 2019.

Guidelines for your photography

Photographs will need to be submitted with each entry. This should include one which shows the whole piece standing or sitting, this will be treated as your main image. The second photograph should be a detailed head shot. A third photograph is entered if there is a particular detail for example footwork which isn’t shown in detail in the first two photographs or otherwise provide a third photograph showing another image of your piece. Ensure that you enter the correct photographs, entries cannot be altered once submitted.

In the case of the tableaux category you must include a shot of the entire piece and then two more detailed head shots. The photographs are best taken against a plain background, remember that this is how your bear is to be judged so ensure that the photographs are in focus.

Maximum file size for each photo is 255kb.